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Country: Spain

Dating back to the Middle Ages, but believed to date from the Roman Empire, and considering the ancient tradition of wine growing in this land, the first official recognition that makes the wine from La Mancha as an appellation of origin dates from 1932, published in “La Gaceta de Madrid” (today’s Governments State Gazette) in September of that year, making this DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN – DO one of the oldest in Spain.

Later, in 1973, began its journey in the Control Board, acquiring its own identity, culminating in 1976 with the Ministerial Order approving the first regulation of the DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN – DO and its Regulatory Board


La Mancha is, broadly speaking, a large plateau. It is a land that does not have any large mountains or differences in altitude, which has been gradually flattened out over the course of millions of years.

The altitude (the majority of the vineyards in the La Mancha region vary between 600 and 800 metres above sea level), the latitude and the specific geographical location determine its climate.