European Wine Ambassadors

EUWINA, European Wine Ambassadors, is a campaign funded by the European Union strongly focused on high-quality education on Europe quality wines in China, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, under Regulation (EU) No 1144/2014.

The promotional program is aimed at promoting Italian, Spanish and Greek quality wines. Specifically, for Spain and Italy the focus will be on the PDO and PGI wines protected by ICRDO La Mancha and UVIVE.

The general objectives of increasing competitiveness of EU wines through information and communication and of broadcasting knowledge about European quality policies and sustainability, will be addressed mostly through an educational and informative strategy towards high-level local professionals: specifically, Ho.Re.Ca., importers/distributors and press. The educational framework of the project will be structured to provide a comprehensive knowledge for professionals to use in all their work arena, on different levels: both in-depth education as well as communicative tools will be provided to the target audience, in order to offer them a complete and coherent set of assets to use in spreading the supporting the communication and commercial action of EU wines.

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