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European Wine Ambassadors Campaign organizes a highly successful 2023 China Wine Education program in key cities

뉴스 12 19, 2023

Hong Kong –December 19th, 2023 – The European Wine Ambassadors (EUWINA) campaign, which promotes some of Europe's finest wines, has successfully organized eight half-day education program of masterclasses in China throughout 2023. The campaign's summer roadshow took place in July, captivating audiences in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. Furthermore, an autumn roadshow was held in November and December in Hong Kong, Xian, Beijing, and Shenzhen.

The attendance at each masterclass was remarkable, with an average of 75 guests. Additionally, the live broadcasts of EUWINA's Virtual Classroom garnered significant interest, with an average of 150 subscribers per masterclass. Over 600 unique participants attended the twenty-four (24) in-person masterclasses in China, where over 140 wines from Spain, Greece, and Italy were presented by locally renowned wine educators.

European Wine Ambassadors Promotion Campaign (EUWINA)

The campaign, funded by the European and launched in January 2021, is led by three organizations representing Spain, Italy, and Greece: the Interprofessional Wine Council D.O. La Mancha, Unione Consorzi Vini Veneti – U.VI.VE., and the National Interprofessional Organization of Vine and Wine of Greece, and targets the markets of China, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan.

European Standards

The campaign focuses on promoting the EU quality certifications regarding Protected Designations of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), which are critical components of the European Wine Ambassadors Program. PDO recognizes and certifies a differentiated quality in a product, which is the result of its distinctive characteristics, due to the geographical environment in which raw materials are produced, and the products are made, and the influence of the human factor involved. PGI emphasizes the relationship between the specific geographic region and the name of the product, where a particular quality, reputation, or other characteristic is essentially attributable to its geographical origin.

The EUWINA campaign is not only about promoting European wine, but it also aims to increase awareness of quality policies and European standards. It seeks to promote understanding and sensitivity towards core concepts of sustainability, biodiversity, and specificity of ecosystems. Additionally, it aims to improve the perceived image of connection and synergy between the wine producers and the wider, more general European and Mediterranean products.


To achieve its objectives, EUWINA has implemented educational initiatives and organized a series of masterclasses targeting importers, and distributors, Ho. Re. Ca. professionals, sommeliers, and media professionals in China. The programs educate and inform participants about the quality-producing methodologies of the European Union.

Expanding its reach beyond China, EUWINA held masterclasses in Singapore, Seoul, and Taipei in July, further establishing the campaign's influence and promoting European wines in these dynamic markets. Seoul was also the host for two additional seminars, in October and November.  Nearly 325 unique participants attended the fifteen masterclasses (15) in-person masterclasses. Ninety wines representing wineries from Spain, Greece, and Italy were tasted during the program.

Renowned sommeliers and wine educators conducted the masterclasses: Ms. Insoon Lee and Ms. Suzie Chung, prestigious wine educators in Korea, Ms. Vivien K.M. Chen, Wine Educator and International Wine Judge, and Mr. Aaron Tsai Hsun Chuang, Chief Editor for the wine media website www.taiwine.tw in Taipei, and Ms. Annette Scarfe MW in Singapore.

The EUWINA education program in 2023 reached over 2,125 unique participants in our 39 masterclasses in Asia, tasting over 230 references of wines.


Beijing: 13th July at Conrad Hotel

Guangzhou: 19th July at Park Hyatt Hotel

Shenzhen: 21st July at The Langham Shenzhen

Shanghai: 25th July at Swissotel

This year, EUWINA had an exciting series of Masterclasses programmed during the summer in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the geographic characteristics and winemaking techniques of these European wine production regions, as well as taste a fine selection of wines crafted in those areas.

BEIJING - 13th July

The first EUWINA Program of Masterclasses in China was a great success, held in Beijing with nearly 70 attendees filling the room. The lecturer for the evening, Mr. Frankie Zhao, was exceptional in his presentation, drawing from his experience as the Chinese representative of the Italian Wine Production Association in China.

The event was an opportunity for participants to learn and taste five outstanding wines from D.O. La Mancha, five from Unione Consorzi Vini Veneti, and four from Wines of Greece. The selection of wines offered a diverse range of flavors and aromas, and everyone was thrilled with the experience.

Mr. Ernesto Negredo, Spanish Trade Commissioner in China, and Mr. Gianpaolo Bruno, Italian Trade Commissioner ICE, delivered their welcome speeches and shared their knowledge and expertise on the wine industry.

GUANGZHOU – 19th July

The Masterclasses in Guangzhou had an overwhelming demand with 72 attendees. Again, the attendees tasted and learned about five wines from D.O. La Mancha, five from Unione Consorzi Vini Veneti, and four from Wines of Greece.

The guest speaker was Mr. Ivan Hui, a wine educator from Hong Kong with extensive knowledge and teaching experience in China. As an instructor for many Spanish wine regions and one of the two teachers for the official course from ICEX "Spanish Wine Specialist", his knowledge of European wines is top-class. Miss Sara Hidalgo, Trade Officer from the Spanish Trade Commission, attended the Masterclass to show her support for EUWINA's efforts.

The virtual classroom with the live stream was a great success also, with 118 attendees following the seminar online.

SHENZHEN – 21st July

The third program of masterclasses of the China Summer Roadshow saw 82 attendees, who tasted a variety of wines from the three European regions.

Ivan Hui led the masterclasses in Shenzhen. Ivan is an AIWS, WSET Certified Educator, Certified Sommelier by CMS, and a Certified Specialist of Wine by SWE. He is also one of the two teachers for the official course from ICEX “Spanish Wine Specialist” held in China in 2022 and 2023. He runs wine schools in Hong Kong and China.

SHANGHAI – 25th July

The final Summer Masterclasses had a record-breaking attendance of 83 participants who were eager to learn about the world of European wine. As a closure, EUWINA had the support of Spanish, Greek, and Italian trade commissioners in attendance, Counselor – Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Shanghai, Mr. Juan Jose Zaballa Gomez; Deputy Trade Commissioner Shanghai Office - ITA Mr. Giuliano Martini; and Commercial Consul, Office for Economic & Commercial Affairs – Consulate General of Greece in Shanghai Mr. Spyridon Liontos.

The Shanghai Masterclasses were led by the renowned lecturer, Mr. Ofilos Wu, who expertly guided the participants through a tasting of some of the best wines from three different regions. Ofilos Wu shared their knowledge and insights on each region, providing valuable information to all attendees


Hong Kong: 27th November at Cordis Hotel

Xian: 11th December at The Westin Xian

Beijing: 13th December at Wanda Vista Hotel

Shenzhen: 15th December at The Langham Shenzhen

HONG KONG – 27th November

The EUWINA Winter Seminars in China began on a high note with a successful program of Masterclasses held in Hong Kong, as a full house of 61 participants gathered to indulge in a wine experience. A warm welcome from Ms. Maria Triantafyllou, representing Wines of Greece (EDOAO), set the stage for an afternoon of learning about and tasting European wines.

The participants were treated to a tasting experience, delving into the diverse flavors of a selection of six fine wines from D.O. La Mancha, six from Unione Consorzi Vini Veneti, and five from Wines of Greece. Each wine was meticulously chosen and expertly presented by the knowledgeable Ivan Hui, who captivated the audience with fascinating insights.

XIAN – 11th December

The Xian Masterclasses attracted a total of 84 attendees who joined in person, while the virtual classroom experience obtained significant attention, with over 100 participants.

The Masterclass provided an opportunity for participants to expand their knowledge and indulge in the tasting of Spanish, Italian, and Greek wines.

Leading the session was the renowned lecturer James Zhan Hongtao, the founder of Xi'an Constellation Wine Culture Communication. With his expertise and personal experiences in major wine production areas worldwide, particularly in Italy, Mr. Zhan Hong Tao skillfully guided the participants through great Masterclasses. His qualifications as a WSET senior sommelier and authorized lecturer added tremendous value to the session, bringing years of industry experience to the forefront.

BEIJING – 13TH December

The Masterclasses in Beijing were another success with a turnout of 70 attendees. Leading the session was the lecturer Ma Zhao, who took the participants through the prominent European wine regions.

Mr. Ernesto Negredo, the Spanish Economic and Commercial Counsellor, expressed his gratitude to all the attendees of the seminars on European wines in his welcome speech. He emphasized that wine goes beyond being a mere product; it is a representation of culture that allows individuals to embark on a sensory journey to the lands where it is cultivated.

The Counsellor also commended Castilla-La Mancha, a region renowned for its natural beauty and association with the iconic character Don Quixote. The unique flavors of wines from this region can be attributed to the favorable climatic and geographical conditions, including the continental climate with its warm summers and cold winters, as well as the reddish limestone soil and high altitude. He expressed the desire for this cultural exchange to continue in China, allowing people to appreciate and understand this marvelous product.

SHENZHEN – 15th December

EUWINA concluded the Autumn Seminars and the remarkable year of 2023 with the final program being held at The Langham Shenzhen. Over 70 wine professionals joined the three masterclasses, with over 150 guests joining the Virtual Classroom.

The Shenzhen seminar, led by the renowned Wine lecturer Mr. Jerry Cheng Chen Yi, was a delight for participants. Wine enthusiasts had the pleasure of tasting sixteen excellent wines from the three European wine regions.

Ms. Marisa Flores, managing director at Perspectiva Asia (the campaign agency) welcomed the guests and introduced the main aspects and values of the EUWINA campaign in Asia.


EUWINA organized a study trip to Spain and Greece for five Asian journalists, visiting the D.O. La Mancha wine region during the grape harvest season. This exclusive experience aimed to deepen the knowledge and understanding of La Mancha wines with Designation of Origin status among influential Asian journalists. Through immersive visits to vineyards, wineries, and various towns in La Mancha, the journalists had the opportunity to explore the rich heritage and exceptional quality of wines produced in this region. This reverse mission welcomed journalists and wine experts from South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan, who later continued their exploration in Greece.

The trip to Greece provided an extraordinary opportunity for them to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Greek wines, particularly those with Designation of Origin status. They embarked on a trip through the landscapes of Greece, immersing themselves in the rich heritage and quality of wines produced in this region.

The group visited renowned wineries where they had the privilege of exploring the vineyards and gaining insights into their winemaking techniques. They traveled to the picturesque island of Samos, where vineyards and history intertwined. They explored vineyards that have been nurtured for generations, witnessing the terroir that shapes the character of Samos wines. Continuing their adventure, the group traveled to the city of Ioannina, a hub of winemaking excellence.

2023 Summary

The EUWINA education program in 2023 reached over 2,125 unique participants in our 39 masterclasses in Asia, tasting over 230 references of wines.

EUWINA remains dedicated to strengthening the presence and appreciation of European wines in the Asian markets. The campaign's efforts continue to foster connections, education, and celebration of the exceptional wines produced in Europe.

2024 Calendar

EUWINA program of promotional activities for 2024 will cover twenty-four masterclasses in China, Singapore, Korea, and Taiwan, with Spring and Autumn editions. A study trip for wine traders from China will take place in September to Spain and Greece. The campaign will exhibit at the Hong Kong Wine and Spirits Fair in November, hosting a masterclass for Italian wines.

For more information, please visit the campaign's website:http://euwineambassadors.com/



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D.O. La Mancha is a Spanish Denominación de Origen Protegida (DOP) for wines, with over 190,000 hectares planted to vines, and it is the largest continuous vine-growing area in the world. It is located in the autonomous region of Castilla-La Mancha in central Spain. La Mancha has a vast wine-growing tradition, which, added to a series of characteristic geological, geographical and climatic elements that define it, make it an ideal territory to produce excellent grapes and subsequently give life to great wines, with very peculiar nuances. La Mancha wines are today among the most exquisite and prestigious in the world, they are tasted throughout Spain and also exported to the five continents, turning Castilla-La Mancha into the leading Autonomous Region of Spain in terms of wine exports in volume.

The Unione Consorzi Vini Veneti – U.VI.VE. was set up thirty years ago involving almost all the region’s Consorzi di Tutela (wine protection consortia). A far-sighted decision that has produced results over time. The U.VI.VE.’s main role is to represent Veneto’s DOC wine sector. Through the consortia, it coordinates the crucial monitoring and control activities of the production and marketing of Veneto DOC and DOCG wines, also with the aim of combating fraud and abuse affecting designations of origin and consortium brands. This protection ranges from guarantees for traceability to winemaking using traditional methods. Strict controls cover every single step of the entire wine-production chain, from the vineyard to the shop shelf.

National Interprofessional Organization of Vine and Wine of Greece. Greece has arguably one of the longest wine histories in the world as wine has always been an integral part of Greek culture since antiquity. Greece might not be the first country to produce wine, but what can be attributed to Ancient Greece is the development of a culture encompassing all aspects of wine: vine growing, production, legislation, trading, and, of course, the art of consuming wine. Despite their huge heritage, the Wines of Greece can promote themselves solely by virtue of their present attributes and not past glories. In the last three decades, a wind of change has been blowing through Greek wine production, turning a relatively traditional agricultural sector into a cutting-edge entity in today’s wine world. Greek producers have invested heavily in people, education, know-how, and technology, starting a steep learning curve.